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    Basic items



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    Basic items

    Post  Cris on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:52 am


    Antidote: Heals Pokemon of Posion

    Parlyz Heal: Heals pokemon of Paralysis

    Awakening: Wakes up a sleeping pokemon

    Ice Heal: Unfreezes frozen pokemon

    Burn Heal: Cures pokemon of burns

    Potion: Heals up to 20 HP (hitpoints)

    Super Potion: Heals up to 50 HP

    Hyper Potion: Heals up to 100 HP

    Revive: Heals KO'd pokemon up to 1/2 HP

    Max Revive: heals Ko'd pokemon fully

    Full Heal: Cures a pokemon of any problem (Paralyz, sleep, burnt, frozen, etc.)

    Elixir: Restores up to 10 PP (powerpoints)

    Max Elixir: Restores 20 PP

    Poke'block: A block which holds special health benefits so the pokemon can grow.

    Stat Heal: It helps with healing a pokemon who's stats where effected by a tail whiip.


    Poke'ball: Standard tool for capturing wild pokemon

    Great Ball: A better pokeball a step up from the standard"poke'ball"

    Ultra Ball: A pokeball that surpasses both the Great Ball & Poke'all

    Master Ball:The best and newest in poke'ball history


    Net Ball: Great for catching bug and water pokemon

    Nest Ball: Great for catching bird pokemon

    Dive Ball: Great for catching pokmon that live deep on the bottom of the sea, lake, river, etc.

    Love Ball: Great for catching pokemon of the opposite gender.

    Heavy Ball:A ball great for pokemon that are heavier than average and can't be caught with normal pokeballs.

    Dark Ball: A ball that is great for chances of catching a dark or ghost pokemon.


    Poke'Nav: Personal device that holds a map and comunicator.

    Poke'Radar: Iteam used to track down other pokemon in the area.

    Itemfinder: Used to find hidden items

    Poke'Watch: A small watch that holds many things, one being the time or the calculator.

    Poke'Hacker: A special device used to hack into computers used by Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, or Galactic.

    Bicycle: Great for going faster on your journey. Two different types are Macho & Acro one is easier to peddle as theother makes it easy to make jumps.

    Coin Case/purse: A pouch that holds your money

    TM/HM: A machine that holds a move and if applied to a pokemon it can learn the move which is held by this nifty mmachine.

    Poke'block Dispenser: A little gadget that shoots out poke'blocks which are berries mixed in a blender and comes out as a little snack that has hidden health benifits for yur pokemon.

    Old Rod: A fishing rod that skims the surface good for catching easy water pokemon and fish.

    Good Rod: A fishing rod much better than the Old Rod can sink farther and catch better water pokemon and of course fish.

    Super Rod: The best of the best fishing rod that will drop down to the bottom of any body of water and has a great success with catching pokemon & fish.

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