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welcome pokemon fans to the new version of pokemon: pokemon plato! In this new game that is currently only in forum mode (working on making a mmrpg version)you may create your own trainer. Become the best of the best, or join one of the many orginazation

    Basic rules



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    Basic rules

    Post  Cris on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:02 am

    Okay everyone apparently some people don't read the rules or think they don't need to read them And so I am doing this so EVERYONE will know what the rules are and what is good to do and what ISN'T good to do!

    1. When filling out the application don't hold anything back use your imagination!
    2. Don't forgetto fill out everything in the application andnot to leave anything out!
    3. Wait for someone in the staff to accept your app before RPin'!
    4. You can put in a starter pokemon, but ONLY ONE!
    5. Don't be pushy when you post the app. Someone will get to it as soon as they can!
    6. No double posting!

    OOC= Out of Character)
    1. Make sure to make some kindof way to make it seem like you are talking out of character!
    2. Be respectable to Admins
    3. Don't disrespcet any member on the site!
    4. No Vulgar language or other for this is a G-rated site!
    5. When you are done taking out of character make someway to make it look like you are done.
    6. Be friendly to others make it so they don't come around and say or do the sameto you!
    7. No Double-posting!

    (IC= In Character)
    1. Be descriptive NO ONE-LINERS
    2. Be careful when you post to stick to thetopic at hand!
    3. Use any resources available to make it long enough!
    4. No Power-Playing play it fair in every post!
    5. Be respectable to the modders especially the one who is modding your post.
    6. No Double-posting!

    (Mod = Moderator/Modding/narrator)
    1. Be respectable to the user who you are modding for!
    2. Do not be bias and take the thread towards something youwant to happen!
    3. Let the user be able to make some of the choices in the thread!
    4. Try to be unbias in every thread and fair to everyone!
    5. Try and describe the scene the best you can in your posts.
    6. If a moder leaves and doesn't respond for at least three tofive business daysthen a different one can come in and fill in, but only if it is three or five days!

    1. whenever you want to capture orcatch a pokemon you need to have a moderator or someone modding it!
    2. Whoever mods for this person don't forget to be respectable and fair in the moding
    3. Talk to the admins if you wish to try and find a rare pokemon like Articuno or something like that!
    4. No Double-posting!
    5. This to all moders if you see someone or if you are out more than three or five days then someone else can come and fill in, but only three or five days!

    If you follow these rules then you'll be fine Smile

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