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    TM's for sale



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    TM's for sale

    Post  Cris on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:59 am


    1: Dynamic Punch: Does a Powerful punch that could be Critical!

    2: Headbutt: An attack that hits the opponent by use of its head!

    3: Curse: An attack that when used cuts half of is life and makes the other be vulnerable and looses HP every
    turn tha pokemon is out for.

    4: Rollout: The pokemon that uses this attack curls into a ball and rolls toards the opponent.

    5: Roar: The pokemon gives out a loud sound that may scare the pokemon away.

    6: Toxic: A potent attack that may poison the opponent

    7: Zap Cannon: The pokemon shoots out a powerful electric zap as if fired from a cannon may paralyz.

    8: Rock Smash: Can be used off and on battle a good sized attack in battle, outside of battle can crush boulders
    that block your path.

    9:Psych Up: Gets ready mentally for an attack.

    10: Hidden Power: It uses a power that is produced by the eements around you.

    11: Sunny Day:It makes the weather hotter than usual and helps with fire attacks.

    12: Sweet Scent: Creates a sweet scent that can make pokemon come to you.

    13: Snore: It can only be used if your pokemon is asleep and will make the opponent to flinch.

    14: Blizzard :Creates a Blizzard that may freeze

    15: Hyper Beam: A beam of immense energy that could be a critical hit.

    16: Icy Wind: Creates a cold wind that may freeze

    17: Protect: Creates a barrier that protects that pokemon for so long.

    18: Rain Dance: Creates a rainstorm and aides water attacks.

    19: Giga Drain: Drains an immense amount of energy/HP from the opponent.

    20: Endure: Does its best to withstand the attack.

    21: Frustration: Gets into an angry mood and could be a critical attack.

    22: Solarbeam: Collects solar energy and shoots a beam towards the opponent.

    23: Iron Tail: The pokemon's tail tuns rock hard and can hurt when hit by it.

    24: Dragonbreath: Creates a breath that is deadly and is critical.

    25: Thunder: A powerful electric attack may paralyz.

    26: Earthquake: Creates an Earthquake that may become critical.

    27: Return: Makes the pokemon able to return to its pokeball no matter the cost.

    28: Dig: Digs a hole on 1st turn, 2nd turn hits. Out of battle may create holes for you and your company to go through.

    29: Psychic: Makes the opponent acceptable to use by the pokemon i.e creating harm.

    30: Shadow Ball: Creates a dark ball of energy and is thrown to the opponent.

    31: Mud-Slap: Throws mud into the opponent hopefully blinding it.

    32: Double Team: Creates doubles making it difficult to fnd the real and may attack a copy thus giving the opponent or you a hand up in battle.

    33: Ice Punch: A punch that is ice cold to the touch and may freeze.

    34: Swagger: An inaccurate normal move.

    35: Sleep Talk: Can only be used when the user or oponent is asleep.

    36: Sludge Bomb: A highly immense poison move which most definetly make the opponent poisoned.

    37: Sandstorm: Creates Sandstorms that may cause the opponent and possibly you to lose HP because of the sandstorm. (if sand type nothing happens during the sandstorm.)

    38: Fire Blast: Is a powerful Fire attack may KO or cause it to have a burn.

    39: Swift: Is a normal-type attack that hits and maybe able to hit the same time the pponent is getting ready to do an attack.

    40: Defense Curl: Curls up in a defensive shape.

    41: Thunder Punch: A powerful punch that may paralyz.

    42: Dream Eater: A very damaging attack, but only works when the opponent is asleep.

    43: Detect: Protects the user from any attcks from the opponent for one turn.

    44: Rest: Falls asleep and recharges bout half of its Hp that was lost upto the round. Gets less by each turn.

    45: Attract: Attracts pokemon of the opposite gender to you.

    46: Thief: Attacks the opponent and can steal something that is attached to hat pokemon if any.

    47: Steel Wing: Hits the pokemon with a powerful wing attack that is as hard as steel.

    48: Fire Punch: A powerful punch that may cause a burn.

    49: Fury Cutter: An attack that hits 4-5 times.

    50: Overheat: Does damage then lowers user's speed by 2.

    Each costs 2,000

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